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Cellulose Ether for Gypsum Based Mortar

Mailose MP40KS(HPMC) is high viscosity hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether for surface treatment. It's solube in cold water directly to form a transparent solution, which is widely applied in dry mix mortar industry.

Product Description

Strandard of Mailose MP40KS(HPMC)

ItemSpecification Standard
Physical formWhite powder

Viscosity (NDJ-1,2% solution,20℃)

Viscosity (Brookfield RV,2% solution,20℃)15000-25000cps

Advantages of Mailose MP40KS(HPMC)

• Bigger scrape area: Good film property and suitable viscosity, the right grade Mailose™ make the wet mortar more smooth&easy to scrape on the surface, and cover bigger area with same weight of wet mortar.  

Anti-cracking: Choose the right specification of Mailose™, The excellent property can make sure all other additives in mortar could reach the best performance, reduce the crack on surface. 

Stability: Mailose™ have good stability in hot environment, keep good water retention even in high temperature.

Applications of Mailose MP40KS(HPMC)

◆ Joint filler     ◆ Masonry mortar    ◆ Wall putty(Skim coat)    ◆ Cement/Gypsum based plaster

Packaging of Mailose MP40KS(HPMC)

● 25kgs per bag with PP or PE inner;

● 20 feet full container: 10 tons with pallets or 13 tons without pallets;

● 40 feet full container: 24 tons with pallets or 28 tons without pallets;

Storage & Shelf Life

2 years under cool, dry conditions in original packaging away from heat sources. It is recommended to use the product in rotation on a first-in first-out basis.

About Maissen

Jinan Maissen New Material Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacture of various grades of HPMC and provide products and service to many different market: dry mix mortar industry, paint & coatings, oil drilling and detergent etc. We can guarantee the production quality of this Mailose MP40KS(HPMC) and you will satisfy with the high performance of it. If you're looking for high efficient HPMC, please don't hesitate to contact us to get details and free quotation from us!

Mailose MP40KS(HPMC)

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