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Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC)

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC) 

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose is a white, yellow-white or off-white powder or granules, hygroscopic after drying. It is a methylcellulose based cellulose. It has several properties used in the pharmaceutical and construction industries. Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC) alone or in combination is the most widely used cellulose in mortar formulations. MHEC has various properties such as thickening, emulsifying, binding, forming, protective colloid and water retention.

Due to its high degree of methoxylation, MHEC is the only cellulose derivative with the best water retention, which is the only reason why MHEC is sold for use in cement-based wall putties and mortars. MHEC is also used in cement-based tile adhesives and grouts.

Series of MHEC Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

MHEC Series



(NDJ-1,2% solution, 20℃)


(Brookfield RV, 2% solution, 20℃)


Mailose ME 400

MHEC with low viscosity



Self-leveling mortar

Mailose ME 40K(S)

MHEC with medium viscosity



Joint filler, Masonry mortar, Wall putty(Skim coat), Cement/ Gypsum based plaster

Mailose ME 75K(S)

MHEC with high viscosity



Masonry mortar, Wall putty(Skim coat), EIFS surface mortar

Mailose ME 100K(S)

MHEC with high viscosity.



Masonry mortar, Wall putty(Skim coat), Tile adhesive(C1), EIFS surface mortar

Mailose ME 150K(S)

MHEC with high viscosity



Tile adhesive, EIFS mortar, Wall putty

Mailose ME 200K(S)

MHEC with high viscosity



Tile adhesive

Specification of MHEC Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose 

AppearanceWhite powder
Loss on drying≤5%
Viscosity Test Method: NDJ-1,2% solution, 20℃400-200000cps  

Properties of MHEC Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

● Good thickening / thickening efficiency

● Available in a wide range of molecular weight and viscosity

● Excellent properties as a water-retaining agent

● Excellent resistance to dissolved inorganic salts

● Excellent solution clarity

● Low toxicity and environmental protection

Physical properties

MHEC powder exhibits a fibrous appearance, presenting as a white to off-white, odorless powder. It possesses a notably high molecular weight and displays hygroscopic properties, readily absorbing water to form viscous solutions or gels. The solubility of MHEC varies contingent upon the degree of substitution (DS) and molecular weight.

Chemical properties

The chemical structure of MHEC mirrors that of HPMC. It encompasses hydroxyethyl groups linked to the hydroxyl groups within cellulose. The degree of substitution (DS) governs the quantity of hydroxyethyl groups incorporated, influencing MHEC's solubility, viscosity, and other intrinsic traits. MHEC remains stable under standard conditions and exhibits resistance to microbial degradation.

Manufacturing Process of MHEC Powder

The production process of MHEC powder involves several sequential stages. It commences with the extraction of cellulose from natural sources like wood pulp or cotton. Subsequently, the extracted cellulose undergoes alkalization. The ensuing step encompasses etherification via sodium mono chloroacetate, culminating in the production of MHEC. This resultant substance is then subjected to purification, drying, and milling, ultimately yielding the final MHEC product.

Notably, the manufacturing process of MHEC powder parallels that of HPMC. However, MHEC powder necessitates the utilization of Ethylene oxide instead of Propylene oxide.

Applications of Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC)

Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (MHEC) is a kind of methyl cellulose derivative which is made from natural high polymer cellulose. It is widely used in many different industries as water retention agent, thickener, adhesive agent and dispersant etc. It could dissolve in water and form a clear solution with specific viscosity. MHEC has a good stability even though in alkaline environment and provide a good stability in heat environment. Widely used in drymix mortar industry, oil drilling, detergent and paint & costings etc.

Construction Industry

MHEC powder finds extensive utilization within the construction sector, particularly in applications such as wall putty, tile adhesives, grouts, and waterproofing compounds. Its exceptional thickening, binding, and water retention properties make it an indispensable choice in this domain.

Personal Care and Cosmetics

MHEC powder is harnessed for personal care and cosmetic products due to its outstanding thickening, stabilizing, and moisturizing attributes. It features prominently in creams, lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, and gels, functioning as a rheology modifier. This enhances product consistency and ensures the even dispersion of active ingredients.

Food Industry

Within the food industry, MHEC powder serves as a stabilizer, thickener, and binder. It imparts viscosity and enhances the texture of diverse food products, including baked goods. Moreover, MHEC can form gels and films, rendering it suitable for edible coatings and the encapsulation of flavors and additives.

Pharmaceutical Industry

MHEC plays a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical sector, serving as a critical excipient in various formulations. It acts as a binder in tablet manufacturing, a thickening agent in liquid dosage forms, and a stabilizer in suspensions. MHEC is also applied in controlled drug release systems, facilitating the sustained release of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Paper and Textile Industry

In the paper industry, MHEC functions as a surface-sizing agent, enhancing the printability, water resistance, and strength of paper products. It also serves as a coating binder, promoting the adhesion of pigments and additives in paper coatings. Within the textile industry, MHEC assumes the role of a thickener and stabilizer in dyeing and printing processes, ensuring uniform color distribution and improved wash fastness.

MHEC Performance In Applications

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose MHEC


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