Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP)

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Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP)

Redispersible Polymer, RDP Powder

RDP powder, full name in redispersible polymer powder, is Vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer, also called VAE copolymer or VAE emulsion powder. It is made from VAE emulsion and use PVA as the protection colloid. RDP powder could disperse in water very well and form the emulsion fast, which is widely used in dry mix mortar industry to increase the flexibility, workability, bonding strength, water proofing, and etc.

Specifications of RDP Powder

Universal grade: MAISSEN RDP 707U

High bonding strength: MAISSEN RDP 730T , MAISSEN RDP 740T

Economical grade: MAISSEN RDP 707E

* MAISSEN is a professional powder RDP factory in China. For more details of RDP powder specifications, please contact us for more technical supports.

Redispersible Polymer Powder 

RDP Powder

RDP Powder

Maissen RDP 707U
Maissen RDP 730T

Standard of RDP Powder

Ash content12±2%
Bulk density450-550g/l
Average particle size80μm
Minimum film-forming temperature0℃
TgAccording to different grade

RDP Powder Performance In Applications

Redispersible Polymer Powder, RDP Powder

Package of Redispersible Polymer Powder

● 25kgs per bag with PP or PE inner.

● 20 feet full container load: 14 tons with pallets or 16 tons without pallets.

● 40 feet full container load: 28 tons with pallets Max. according to the loading weight limited of the container.

Jinan Maissen New Material Co.,Ltd is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of RDP powder in China, supplying various specifcations of RDP Powder/ Redispersible Polymer Powder for different applications. We successfully export our RDP powder to United Kingdom, South American countries, Latin America, India, Thailand, Philipines, Uruguay and other countries with high brand recognition. Please contact us to get more information of RDP powder.


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