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The application of dispersible polymer powder in construction

Released on Jul. 01, 2022

The application of redispersible latex powder in construction, especially in increasing the cohesion, cohesion, and flexibility of dry-mixed mortar, shows good performance. Redispersible latex powder can greatly improve the adhesion between mortar and base, but it also reduces the water resistance of mortar. The water repellent can effectively improve the ability of the mortar to resist micro-pressure water, but the water repellent may reduce the cohesiveness of the mortar. Redispersible latex powder can significantly improve the bond strength of mortar. Bond strength is very important to improve crack resistance. Studies have shown that the synergistic effect of cellulose ether and rubber powder is beneficial to improve the bond strength of cement mortar. Maissen dispersible polymer powder can enhance the water retention of the material and prevent the cement mortar from hardening, drying and cracking too quickly; Increase the plasticity of the mortar and improve the construction workability; Improve the bonding performance of the mortar, so that it can better bond the substrate (such as polystyrene board); can prevent slippage during construction. It can be used in anti-crack mortar for polystyrene board, tile adhesive, masonry mortar, rubber powder polystyrene particle mortar and FTC thermal insulation mortar.

Maissen RDP 707U is a general purpose copolymer powder as a water-free product that performs well in cement and gypsum. It is an ideal multipurpose dispersible polymer powder. It can improve the adhesion to the substrate, the bending strength and the frost resistance. Bonding mortar for external insulation. Applied to repair mortar, it can improve the adhesion and bond strength to make it more durable and more resistant to wear.

The application of dispersible polymer powder in construction

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