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Redispersible polymer powder features and applications in dry mix mortar

Released on Aug. 09, 2021

Redispersible polymer powder Uses /Applications

Redispersible polymer powder, as one of the important additives for dry mix mortar industry, improves various performance of different kinds of dry mix mortar products. 

The content of redispersible polymer powder

The content of redispersible polymer powder include: polymer powder, additives, protection colloid and anti-caking agent. 

● polymer powder: It is the key content of redispersible polymer powder and provide the key properties of redispersible polymer powder in applications. For example Maissen RDP products is based on VEA(vinyl ethylene acetate copolymers).

● Protection colliod: It is a kind of hydrophilic material covered on the surface of polymer powder. Maissen RDP use PVA as the protection colloid. 

● Additives: In order to reach a specific functions in dry mix mortar formulation, it is required to add other additives in redispersible polymer powder some time.  However, not all the redispersible polymer powder contain additives.

(4)Anti-caking agent: It is required to add in all kinds of redispersible polymer powder, it could prevent redispersible polymer powder from clumping and improve the fluidity. It is mineral filler. It shows as the ash content in documents.  Normally,  the ash content of Maissen RDP is 12±2% or 18±2% as per customers' requirements. 

Redispersible polymer powder uses

The features of redipserible polymer powder uses

● RDP features in wet mortar

Redispersible polymer powder make contributions to improve construction performance, improve flow performance, increase thixotropy and sag resistance, improve cohesion, extend open time and enhance water retention. Normally, adding redispersible polymer powder is helpful to increase the open time of wet mortar. 

● Redispersible polymer powder in Cement dry mix mortar hydration

Redispersible latex powder can increase the tensile strength of the mortar, enhance the strength, improve the flexibility of the mortar, enhance the abrasion resistance, increase the cohesive strength and reduce the water absorption of the material

Specifications of redipserible polymer powder uses from Maissen


Ash content


Minimum film-forming temperature

TG temperature

Soild content

Maissen RDP 707U


White powder



98% min.

Maissen RDP 730T


White powder



98% min.

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