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HPMC producer in China

Released on Mar. 19, 2021


JINAN MAISSEN NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD is a reliable HPMC producer in China.  

Currently, we own two plants located in ShiJiazhuang, Hebei and JinChang, GanSu, China. 

Total nannual capacity of HPMC-hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is 30000 tons. We are specialized in construction mortar industry, products are widely used in different kinds of dry mix mortar, such as tile adhesive, EIFS mortar, joint filler, wall putty, skim coat, plaster and renders etc. 

Our HPMC have good water retention property to avoid the cracking problem, meanwhile, HPMC can improve the cohesion and workability of the wet mortar. 

To choose the right grade of HPMC with specific viscosity will be helpful to increase the performance of dry mixed mortar products.

We are insist on supplying the high quality goods in the market and our quality is acceptable very well by domestic and international customers. 

Port of loading: TianJin port / QingDao port, China

MOQ: 1000kgs

Lead time: Within 10 days after receipt of the official order

Payment term: T/T, L/C

HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) Standard: 

Product nameHPMC / hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose / Hypromellose
AppearanceWhite powder
HS code39129000
CAS number9004-65-3
Hydroxy propoxy(%)
Ash content(%)5 Max.
Moisture(%)5 Max.


(NDJ-1, 2% solution, 20℃)

Particle size98% pass 80 mesh / 98% pass 100 mesh
25kgs per bag with PP or PE inner
HPMC should not be stored near peroxides or other oxidizing agents. Avoid contact with strong acids or bases. Store in a dry, ventilated environment and be away from heat sources

MSDS of HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) download


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HPMC producer in China

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