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How Do You Make Dry Mortar Mixture?

Released on Jun. 23, 2022

Dry mortar is a combination of dry forms of mixed raw materials such as sand and cement.

This can also include additives and polymers.

Dry mortar is used in buildings, such as joining bricks together to form strong walls.

Wet mortar is ready for use and only needs to be mixed, but this guide will help you make DIY dry mortar mixtures.

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You will need the following materials to make a dry mortar mix:

● Portland Cement Bags

● Builder’s Sand

● Water



Ensure that you have the proper safety equipment before you start marking your mortar mix as well as the equipment needed to mix your materials. You should have the following:

● Thick gloves

● Safety goggles

● A mask or something to cover your mouth

● Wheelbarrow

● Shovel

● 3 plastic buckets

● Stiff bristle brush

● Tarp

● Wooden mixing board

● Bricklayers towel


Preparation area.

First of all, put a tarp on the surface where you want to work.

This will make the job easier without having to worry about spillover.

Place the mixing board on the tarp and scrub with water to make sure it is clean.


Composition proportion.

Fill 3 separate buckets with masonry cement, sand and water.

The standard dry mortar mixture consists of 3-4 parts of sand and 1 part of cement.

This ratio will vary depending on whether the mortar is used for structural brick, interior brick wall, or concrete brick.


How to mix mortar?

Mix the dry material in the trolley with a shovel to make it.

After adding a small amount of water, continue to stir.

Scoop up the sand and cement left at the bottom with a shovel to make sure they are mixed in.

Poke the pile to ensure that the water is fully absorbed.

The most important thing is to avoid making the mixture too wet or too dry.

You want to continue to repeat the process.

Continue to add water and mix until the desired smooth consistency is obtained and the shape is maintained.

Transfer the mortar to the plank.

Wet the board before adding the mixture to it.

To mix more thoroughly, use the wipe for folding and shredding to see if you need to add water again.

After transferring the mixture from the trolley, wash it before drying.

Dig a hole in the middle with a wipe, scoop out the material from the outside, and fold them into the middle.

Done by shredding the surface to allow moisture to pass through the bottom.

Continue this process until the correct consistency is achieved.

If you are creating this mortar mixture for a large project, you may benefit from using a blender.


What are the main functions of HPMC in a dry mix mortar?

In dry mix mortar, adding a little HPMC can significantly improve the performance of wet mortar. It can be seen that HPMC is a major additive that affects the construction performance of mortar.

Generally, a small amount of HPMC can greatly increase the water retention rate of the mortar. When the content reaches a certain level, The trend of the water retention increasing slows down. As the ambient temperature increases, the water retention of HPMC usually decreases. But, some modified HPMC also have better water retention under high temperature conditions. HPMC with lower substitution degree has better water retention performance.

HPMC - (Thickening and thixotropy)

● gives the wet mortar excellent viscosity,

● can significantly increase the bonding ability of the wet mortar and the base,

● improve the sag resistance of the mortar.

HPMC has obvious air-en-training effect on fresh cement-based materials.

As a surface material, HPMC also has a wetting or lubricating effect on cement particles, which together with its air-en-training effect increases the fluidity of cement-based materials, but its thickening effect will reduce fluidity.

HPMC will prolong the setting time of cement paste or mortar and delay the hydration kinetics of cement, which is beneficial :-

● to increase the operating time of freshly mixed materials,

● improve the consistency of mortar

● the loss of concrete slump over time,

But it may also delay construction schedule.


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How Do You Make Dry Mortar Mixture?cid=7

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