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Cellulose Ether (HPMC & MHEC)


HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) & MHEC (Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose) are produced from natural cellulose by alkaliization and etherification, belong to cellulose derivatives.

As important additives in dry mix mortar products, HPMC & MHEC could improve the performance of dry mix mortar with a low dosage.

Main Advantages in Dry Mix Mortar

 Wall Putty/ Plaster

• Sag-resistance: Mailose HPMC, MHEC can provide a good viscosity of the wet mortar, prevent wall putty sagging.

• The good filming property on the surface of wall putty, could reduce the water absorption of base wall. Reduce the risk of cracking.

• Good water retention will make sure all the additives reach the best performance.

• Good workability to increase the efficiency.


EIFS Mortar

• Bond strength:Choose the right Mailose HPMC, MHEC could provide the greatest bond strength of mortar

• Good workability: Mailose HPMC, MHEC have good consistency, non-sagging property could make the work easier during using of distribution method.

• Water retention: Mailose HPMC, MHEC have good water retention,make sure all other additives can also reach the best performance.


Tile Adhesive

• Adjust the open time of tile adhesive: HPMC/MHEC will form thin film on the surface of tile adhesive to reduce moisture evaporation. Help tile adhesive increase the open time.

• Increase tensile strength: the good property of water retention could make sure keep enough water for cement hydration.

• Good workability:Choose the right HPMC/MHEC, could make the mortar easy to scrape on the wall, increase the efficiency.

• Increase the anti-slip property:Mailose HPMC, MHEC can increase the binding strength of wet mortar, increase the anti-slip property.


Self-leveling Mortar

• keep the liquidity and increase the water retention, make smooth surface of the self leveling mortar and avoid cracks on the surface.

• Can be used a the suspension agent, make all the materials disperse in the wet mortar, prevent the slurry sedimentation and bleeding.


Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)


Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC)


Modified Methyl Cellulose Derivative


Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP)


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