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Overview of Redispersible Polymer Powder

Released on May. 15, 2023

What is RDP?

Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) is a water-soluble redispersible powder that quickly disperses into an emulsion when mixed with water. It is a special polyvinyl alcohol-based protective colloid of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) polymer powder, polymer resin made from raw materials such as dispersion colloid, additives, protective colloid, and anti-caking agent, and spray-dried .

Maissen RDP 707U

Maissen RDP 707U

Characteristics of RDP

It is mainly used in building materials with outstanding bonding strength, improving the flexibility and open time of mortar. It also gives the mortar excellent alkali resistance. In addition to improving the adhesion, cracking strength, water resistance, plasticity, wear resistance and workability of mortar, RDP will also provide stronger flexibility to inflexible mortar.

As below, we will explore the various aspects of using RDP powder in construction, including its applications, mixing methods, and dosage.

The Uses of Rdp in Specific Products

1.Tile Adhesive

Improve the bonding strength and flexibility of tile adhesive, ensuring long-lasting and durable tile installations.

2.Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

Enhance the adhesion, crack resistance, and weatherability of EIFS, protecting buildings from moisture and temperature fluctuations.

3.Repair Mortar

Enhance the adhesion, workability, and durability of repair mortars used for patching and structural restoration.

4.Cement-based Render and Plaster

Improve the adhesion, water resistance, and crack resistance of render and plaster.

Mixing Methods and Dosage 

To utilize RDP effectively in construction, it is essential to follow proper mixing methods and dosage guidelines. Here are some key considerations:

1.Water Addition: Begin by adding the required amount of clean water to the mixing container.

2.RDP Addition: Slowly add the suitable dosage of RDP into the water, while stirring continuously. Maintain a consistent mixing speed to ensure uniform dispersion.

3.Cementitious Material Addition: After achieving a homogenous RDP -water mixture, gradually add the cementitious material (e.g., cement, sand) while continuing to mix thoroughly.

4.Mixing Time: Continue mixing the ingredients until a smooth and lump-free consistency is obtained. The mixing time may vary depending on the specific application and equipment used.

5.Adjusting Water Content: If necessary, adjust the water content to achieve the desired workability and consistency of the mortar or concrete.

Dosage of RDP powder varies depending on factors such as the type of construction material, desired performance, and environmental conditions. It is crucial to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and conduct proper testing to determine the optimal dosage for specific applications.


Incorporating RDP powder into construction materials provides numerous advantages, including improved workability, enhanced adhesion, increased flexibility, and enhanced durability. By following appropriate mixing methods and dosage guidelines, construction professionals can harness the benefits of RDP powder to achieve high-quality, long-lasting structures that withstand the challenges of the built environment.

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