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Mailose HPMC for EIFS mortar

Released on Nov. 21, 2022

HPMC / MHEC used in EIFS / ETICS. 

What is EIFS or ETICS ? 

EIFS is abbreviation for Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems. 

ETICS is abbreviation for External Themal Insulation Composite System.

It is also well kown as the name EWI.

Mailose HPMC for EIFS mortar

In EIFS / ETICS, it is required to use different kind of dry mix mortars in different parts.

HPMC-hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is one of the basic chemicals in EIFS mortar formulation. 

Jinan maissen new material co.,ltd can provide specialized specifications for this application: 

EIFS adhesive mortar Mailose MP / ME100K
Mailose MP/ ME 150K
Anti crack mortar Mailose MP / ME 100K
Exterior wall puttyMailose MP / ME 60K
Mailose MP / ME 100K

To choose right specification Mailose HPMC / MHEC will be helpful increase the performance of dry mix mortars: 

- Increase the bonding strength between the insulation plate and the exterior wall. Avoild the EPS / XPS insulation board falling from the wall surface. 

- Provide better workability durding using of distribution method.

- Good consistency & non-sagging property. 

- Good water retention can make sure all the additives in the formulation reach the best performance, reduce the crack risk on the surface.

- Good weather fastness,Extended the system use life.

Mailose HPMC for EIFS mortar

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