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Mailose HPMC for EIFS mortar

Released on Aug. 07, 2023

HPMC / MHEC for EIFS in Construction

What is EIFS in Construction? 

EIFS is abbreviation for Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems. Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a cladding system used to enhance the energy efficiency and aesthetics of buildings. It consists of a layer of insulation board attached to the exterior walls, followed by a base coat reinforced with mesh and a decorative finish coat. EIFS has gained prominence in the construction industry due to its thermal insulation capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and design versatility. In EIFS , it is required to use different kind of dry mix mortars in different parts.

What is EIFS in Construction?

Roles of HPMC for EIFS in Construction

HPMC-hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is one of the basic chemicals in EIFS mortar formulation. HPMC plays a vital role in EIFS in construction.

● HPMC as a Binder

One of the essential roles of HPMC in EIFS construction is its function as a binder. When mixed with other components, such as cement, aggregates, and polymers, HPMC acts as an adhesive, ensuring the cohesion of the EIFS layers.

 HPMC as a Thickening Agent

HPMC is capable of increasing the viscosity of EIFS mixtures, making them easier to apply and reducing the risk of sagging during installation. Its thickening properties contribute to maintaining the desired texture and appearance of the finish coat.

● HPMC as a Water Retention Agent

In EIFS construction, it is crucial to control the water content of the mixture to ensure optimal curing and adhesion. HPMC acts as a water retention agent, preventing the rapid evaporation of water and promoting proper hydration of the materials.

 Jinan Maissen New Material Co.,Ltd can provide specialized specifications for EIFS in construction: 

EIFS adhesive mortar Mailose MPMC 100K
Mailose MPMC 150K
Anti crack mortar Mailose MPMC 100K
Exterior wall puttyMailose MPMC 60K
Mailose MPMC 100K

Application of Using HPMC in EIFS Construction

To choose right specification Mailose HPMC / MHEC will be helpful increase the performance of dry mix mortars: 

- Increase the bonding strength between the insulation plate and the exterior wall. Avoild the EPS/ XPS insulation board falling from the wall surface. 

- Provide better workability durding using of distribution method.

- Good consistency & non-sagging property. 

- Good water retention can make sure all the additives in the formulation reach the best performance, reduce the crack risk on the surface.

- Good weather fastness,Extended the system use life.

Application Process of HPMC in EIFS Construction

● Mixing HPMC with Other Components

During the EIFS construction process, HPMC is usually added to the base coat and finish coat mixtures. It is carefully blended with cement, aggregates, and other polymers to achieve the desired consistency and properties.

● Application Techniques

The application of EIFS using HPMC involves skilled craftsmanship. Construction workers typically spray or trowel the mixtures onto the insulation board, following specific techniques to ensure uniform coverage and adhesion.

● Drying and Curing

After the application of the EIFS layers, adequate drying and curing time is necessary to achieve the desired performance. HPMC helps in proper water retention during this stage, allowing the materials to cure effectively.

HPMC for EIFS in Construction

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