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Maissen would like to share industrial news of dry mix mortar additive, dry mix mortar chemical and pre-mix mortar chemical with high efficiency and low cost, and deliver more benefits of our products to more customers.

High quality dry mix mortar additive, dry mix mortar chemical, pre-mix mortar chemical and other construction grade hpmc are available at Maissen. Welcome to browse our product list or contact us to learn more! 

Why is HPMC an essential ingredient in cement-based tile adhesives?
Differences between hydroxypropyl starch and Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
Application of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose in Building Coatings
Additives For Dry Mix Mortar
How to improve the water retention of HPMC?
The Necessity of Adding HPMC to Cement-based Products and Gypsum-based Products
HPMC For Cement Based Plaster/Mortar

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