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HPMC for plaster

Released on Aug. 30, 2021


-HPMC(hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) used in cement or gypsum based plaster and renders 

Introduction of HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose):

HPMC is a kind of cellulose ether made from wood pulp or refined cotton. It could provide various properties in construction mortar applications. 

Used as an important additive in formulation. It could be soluble in water to form the ransparent solution. Provide the specific viscosity to the wet mortar. 

Increase the water retention and adjust the cement setting time etc. 

What is plaster: 

Normally, plaster means the building material used in interiors of buildings, while render commonly refers to external applications.

Plaster includes Gypsum plaster(Plaster of Paris), Cement plaster and Lime plaster.

HPMC for plaster:

1.Choosing right specification of HPMC in plaster could provide a good viscosity of the wet mortar, prevent plaster sagging. 

2.The good filming property on the surface of plaster, could reduce the water absorption of base wall, reduce the risk of cracking.

3.Good water retention could make sure all the additives in the formulation reach the best performance.

Reduce the risk of various quality problems, make contribution to adhesive strength, compresive strength and reduce the risk of cracking etc. 

4.Good workability to increase the efficiency.

Recommended specifications of HPMC used in Plaster: 

ApplcationsRecommended specifications
Cement or Gypsum based plasterMailose MP60K, Mailose MP100K, Mailose MP150K
Gypsum spray mortarMailose MP75K

Package details:

25kgs per bag

20'FCL: 12 tons with pallets or 14 tons without pallets

40'FCL: 24 tons with pallets or 28 tons without pallets

HPMC for plaster

Jinan maissen new material Co.,ltd is the leading cellulose ether and redispersible polymer powder manufacturer in China. 

Main products includes: 

HPMC-hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

MHEC-Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose

RDP-Redispersible polymer powder

Other construction chemicals used in dry mix mortar. 

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