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Construction grade HPMC applications and specification recommendation

Released on Dec. 07, 2021

HPMC - Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is important additive used in dry mix mortar industry. 

In order to reach the best performance, choosing the right specification is very important. 

The applications below is the common applications and our suggested specifications: 

1.Wall plaster (inner wall / Exterior wall)

Performance of HPMC in wall plaster

Specification recommend

·Good water retention and extend the open time.

·Improve working efficiency and the consistency of mortar

·Anti-shrinkage and reduce the risk of cracking.

Mailose MP100K

Mailose MP75K

2.EIFS mortar

Performance of HPMC in EIFS mortar

Specification recommend

·Increase the bonding strength to the base wall

·Incrase the strength of EIFS mortar

·Good consistency, incrase the property of non-sagging

Mailose MP100K

Mailose MP150K

3.Gypsum based plaster(Mechanical spray / Manual)

Performance of HPMC in gypsum based plaster

Specification recommend

·Provide a bigger scrape area. Make the wet mortar more smooth and easy to scrape on the working surface, same weight of wet mortar can cover bigger area.

·Provide good sag resistance.

·Good workability, can be pumped by machine and spray.

Mailose MP150K (Manual gypsum plaster)

Mailose MP75K (Mechanical spray)

4.Masonry mortar / ACC concrete block adhesive

Performance of HPMC in Masonry mortar

Specification recommend

·Good water retention, could be used for the block with high water absorption rate. 

·Provide good bonding strength.

·Extend the workable time of the wet mortar

Mailose MP100K 

5.Tile adhesive

Performance of HPMC in tile adhesive

Specification recommend

·Adjust the open time


·Increase bonding strength

Mailose MP200K

6.Joint filler

Performance of HPMC in joint filler

Specification recommend

·Reduce shrinkage

·Reduce risk of craking.

·Increase the bonding strength and provide a smooth surface.

Mailose MP60K

Mailose MP75K

7. Self-leveling mortar

Performance of HPMC in self-leveling mortar

Specification recommend

·Provide viscosity, can be used as the anti-setting additive

·Enhance fluidity and pumpability. Incrase the working efficiency.

·reducing cracks and shrinkage.

Mailose MP400

Construction grade HPMC applications and specification recommendation

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