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The effect of dispersible polymer powder on self-leveling mortar

Released on Mar. 28, 2022

a. Better performance:

Polymer binders added in the form of dispersible polymer powders can significantly enhance the properties of self-flowing floor mortars. This modification It is achieved by the modification of cement mortar with redispersible polymer powder. Such mortar formulations generally contain mineral binders (cement/alumina cement/anhydrite), a large amount of other inorganic ingredients, and dispersible polymer powders in different amounts. Some key properties of self-leveling floor mortars have been significantly improved. It depends on the dosage of dispersible polymer powder.

b. Tensile bond strength with the base surface:

The quality of a self-leveling floor depends on its adhesive strength to the base. Maissen dispersible polymer powders ensure self-leveling mortars Has excellent bonding effect. The higher the content of dispersible polymer powder, the stronger the adhesion of the mortar to the substrate. Even for difficult-to-bond wood or metal substrates, self-leveling mortar with suitable dispersible polymer powder content can achieve good bonding effect. At the same time, the dispersible polymer powder enhances the plasticity of the mortar, thus ensuring good substrate bonding even under pressure due to different thermal expansion coefficients and substrate movement.

c. Compressive strength and flexural strength:

As with improving bond strength, the addition of dispersible polymer powder can improve the flexural strength of self-leveling mortar. The stronger this effect is, the stronger the polymer binder is by forming an organic bond between the filler and cement hydration products.The cohesion of the material increases the flexural strength of the material.

In contrast, increasing polymer content sometimes reduces the compressive strength, since the compressive strength of the material depends on the density, if added to reduce the air content of the system, then the compressive strength of the system will increase. But if the air content and water ashratio remains constant, the addition of polymer reduces the compressive strength.

d. Tensile strength:

The deformability of the polymer-modified self-leveling mortar can be demonstrated by tensile tests, the higher the polymer content, the greater the tensile strength and elongation at break. The higher deformability reduces the risk of material cracking and helps compensate for applied applications. For example: polymer-modified mortars can enhance the absorption of stress due to coating drying and applications resulting from subfloor deformation of self-leveling mortars.

e. Wear resistance of self-leveling mortar:

Due to the modification and enhancement of the dispersible polymer powder, the deformation capacity of the material is improved, and it can also help compensate for the wear resistance of the material performance. This enables the material to maintain its mechanical properties under rolling or rolling over by a motor vehicle wheel.

The effect of dispersible polymer powder on self-leveling mortar

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