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Overview of Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose

Released on Mar. 30, 2023

What is MHEC?

MHEC(Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose) is a non-ionic cellulose ether derived from natural cellulose. It is a white to off-white, odorless, and tasteless powder that dissolves in water to form a clear and viscous solution.

Overview of Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose

Characteristics of MHEC

MHEC is a water-soluble polymer that is resistant to enzymatic degradation and can form gels when mixed with certain chemicals. It has a high degree of purity and stability, with a long shelf life. It is also non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it has excellent water retention, thickening, and binding properties, which make it suitable for various industrial applications.

Applications of MHEC in Construction

MHEC is commonly used in the construction industry as a water retention agent, thickener, and binder in cement-based products such as mortars, tile adhesives, and grouts. It also improves workability, provides better adhesion, and enhances durability of the products.

Overview of Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose

The Following Are the Uses of MHEC in Specific Products:

Cement Based Plaster

1. Improve uniformity, make plastering easier to spread, and improve anti-sag ability. Enhances flow and pumpability for increased productivity.

2. High water retention, prolonging the working time of mortar, improving work efficiency, and helping the mortar to form high mechanical strength during the setting period.

3. Control the infiltration of air, thereby eliminating the micro-cracks of the coating and forming an ideal smooth surface

Gypsum Plaster and Plaster Products

1. Improve the uniformity, make the plastering paste easier to spread, and improve the anti-sagging ability to enhance fluidity and pumpability. Thereby improving work efficiency.

2. High water retention, prolongs the working time of mortar, and produces high mechanical strength when solidified.

3.By controlling the consistency of the mortar to form a high-quality surface coating.

Masonry Mortar

1. Enhance the adhesion with the masonry surface, and enhance the water retention, so that the strength of the mortar can be improved.

2. Improve the lubricity and plasticity to improve the construction performance, use Mailose HEMC reinforced mortar, it is easier to apply, save time and improve cost-effectiveness.

Panel Joint Filler

1. Excellent water retention, which can prolong the cooling time and improve work efficiency.

2. Improve shrinkage resistance and crack resistance, improve surface quality.

3. Provide a smooth and uniform texture, and make the bonding surface stronger.

Tile Adhesive

1. Make dry mix ingredients easy to mix without lumps, saving working time, improving workability and reducing costs due to faster and more effective application.

2. By prolonging the cooling time, the efficiency of tiling is improved. Provides excellent adhesion.

3. Specially developed models with high skid resistance are available.

Self Leveling Floor Material

1. Provide viscosity and can be used as an anti-sedimentation aid.

2. Enhance fluidity and pumpability, thereby improving the efficiency of paving the ground.

3. Control water retention, thereby greatly reducing cracking and shrinkage.

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