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Characteristics of Redispersible Polymer Powder

Released on Jun. 27, 2023

Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is a key additive used in gypsum mortar formulations to enhance various properties and improve the overall performance of the material. RDP are specifically designed polymers that are added to the mortar mixture to enhance workability, adhesion, strength, and durability. Let's delve into the role of Redispersible polymer powder in gypsum mortar in more detail.


1. Improved Workability:

Redispersible polymer powder improves the workability of gypsum mortar by acting as a dispersing agent and plasticizer. It reduces the surface tension of the water and enhances the flow and spreadability of the mortar mixture. This makes the mortar easier to mix, apply, and spread smoothly on various surfaces.


2. Enhanced Adhesion:

Redispersible polymer powder significantly improves the adhesive strength of the mortar by enhancing the bond between the mortar and the substrate.


RDP acts as a coupling agent, forming a strong interfacial bond between the mortar and the substrate surface. It enhances the wetting and contact between the mortar particles and the substrate, leading to improved adhesion. 


Redispersible polymer powder 

Maissen RDP 707U


3. Increased Flexibility and Crack Resistance:

 Redispersible polymer powder improves the flexibility and crack resistance of the mortar by imparting elasticity and deformability to the hardened material.


The presence of RDP enhances the mortar's ability to accommodate slight movements and deformations without cracking. It improves the mortar's tensile strength and elongation properties, reducing the likelihood of cracking or fissuring.


4. Improved Water Resistance:

Gypsum-based materials are naturally susceptible to water absorption and moisture-related issues. Redispersible polymer powder improves the water resistance of gypsum mortar by acting as a hydrophobic barrier.


RDP forms a protective film around the mortar particles, reducing water absorption and penetration into the material.


5. Enhanced Strength and Durability:


RDP improves the mortar's compressive strength, flexural strength, and impact resistance. It reduces the risk of material failure or damage, resulting in a more robust and long-lasting plaster.


6. Improved Weatherability:

Redispersible polymer powder improves the weatherability of gypsum mortar by providing UV resistance and protection against environmental factors.


RDP acts as a UV stabilizer, preventing the degradation and discoloration of the mortar due to exposure to sunlight. It also enhances the mortar's resistance to weathering, ensuring that the plaster maintains its appearance and performance over time.


All in all, Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) plays a crucial role in gypsum mortar formulations. It improves the workability, adhesion, flexibility, water resistance, strength, and durability of the plaster. By incorporating RDP into gypsum mortar, construction professionals can achieve superior performance, enhanced aesthetics, and increased longevity in their plastering applications.

Redispersible polymer powder

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